Greater Brisbane

Learn Engineering & Robotics with LEGO®!

Young Engineers offers unique STEM programs where children have fun while learning critical skills for the digital age!

What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are becoming increasingly important due to technology pervading every aspect of our lives. A STEM education offers not just information but the ability to process that information correctly. STEM skills include:

✓ Theoretical concepts
✓ Practical application of theory
✓ Critical thinking
✓ Problem solving
✓ Data analysis
✓ Engineering
✓ Physics
✓ Coding

At Young Engineers:

✓ Students build and program motorised LEGO® models
✓ These models are working prototypes of real world machines
✓ Different levels of the program cater to a range of ages and abilities
✓ Children build everything from washing machines, power plants and helicopters to human and animal robots. All the machines move and work at the press of a button!

For the parents it’s an education, for the children it’s a game. What Young Engineers delivers is e² – Education with Entertainment.


For Pre-School, day care & Prep

Build K’nex models

For Primary Schools 

Build Lego® machines


For Primary Schools

Code & control Lego® robots

For Primary Schools

Code & control Lego® robots

For Primary Schools

Code & control Lego® robots

For Primary & Secondary Schools

Advanced Lego® engineering

For Primary & Secondary Schools

Advanced Lego® robotics


School Incursions
After-School Clubs
Holiday Camp
Birthday Parties

About Young Engineers

e² Young Engineers was established in 2008. Over the past few years, we have had over 150 franchisees in more than 45 countries joining our brand. Our programs are delivered through school incursions, after-school clubs, holiday camps and more! We proactively collaborate with universities, industry associations and other STEM providers to ensure our programs are relevant and leading-edge. 

We really believe that our young engineers can be the next generation of creators, innovators, and problem solvers. Our goal is to make a tangible difference to the children of today by giving them 21st century skills for a lifetime of success!

About the Franchisee

The Greater Brisbane Young Engineers team is excited to introduce these unique STEM education programs to primary schools and education partners in the region.  Our team brings together passion, commitment and fun to the programs.  

With prior experience as entrepreneurs, Rommel and Michelle are the dynamic duos leading Greater Brisbane.  Rommel is a junior golf coach with qualifications in Masters in Education.  Michelle is a corporate leader in many organisations.  

We are thrilled with the opportunity to work along side with parents and teachers to inspire Australia’s young minds to motivate, have fun and to grow.  Our belief is “it is about how we teach and not what we teach”.  Young Engineer’s unique curriculum of ‘edutainment’ introduces unconventional learning approach to help children build problem solving, creativity and out-of-the box thinking abilities – all crucial future skills.

We are a family with a strong commitment to the ideal of “prepare today for a better tomorrow”.  As practitioners of life-long learning, we are convinced that this award-winning Young Engineers program belongs in every school.  It is the perfect curriculum for teaching STEM, building 3-D models that implement a basic scientific principle to complex machines (such as robotics, coding and drones).

Our world is advancing at an unprecedented pace of digital innovations in Science and Technology.  Parenting for the digital future presents unknown and exciting opportunities for all our children.    It is our mission to create the inspiration and competence to encourage our children’s success.